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The most awarded

Waterless Urinal Technology

India’s 1st Green Pro Certified Waterless Urinal


Experience an odor-free and water-free restroom with the most trusted Waterless Urinal Technology.


A Patented Innovation from Ekam Eco Solutions,

a partnered venture of IIT Delhi

No Smell. Guaranteed.

Restrooms smell mostly when #PeePee mixes with water. Zerodor waterless Urinals make it impossible for them to make love (and odor), in the urinals. Besides the urinal, your restroom can smell from #PeePee on the floor. Good news - we have discovered enzymes that remove it too.

Saves you on plumbing and water costs.

On an average, conventional urinals use anywhere between 1 and 4 liters of water per use, depending upon how old they are. A typical man takes a leak four times on an average day in the office. With Zerodor, you can feel better about saving thousands of liters a year even in a small office. The good news is along with water, you save a lot of money on plumbing expenses, electricity bills and sewage treatment as well.

100% Safe. Hygienic.